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An Aussie Journey with Gomez

Written by Michelle Creamer, 8 years ago, 0 Comments

I, like most people, enjoy holiday time. A chance to kick back and relax, hang out with friends, enjoy the sun and a drink or ten. But instead of sitting on a beach somewhere for two weeks, in March this year I decided to go on tour with my good friends Gomez. The band and crew of Gomez have been friends of Love Police since their first trip here in the summer of 2000. They fell in love with Australia then and always jump at the chance to come back to tour and hang out. I have been lucky enough to go on tour with them both here andjimmy_04 in the UK and Ireland as well as bumping into them on a surprise visit to Salt Lake City last year. But this time it was all just fun and games for me (and them). We all met up in Perth where they started the tour at the Metropolis in Fremantle, WA. A hot steaming room where the boys let loose for the fans and lost a few pounds themselves in the process.

The next day we travelled south to the small seaside town of Yallingup in Margaret River, which was simply paradise. For four days we swam in the Indian Ocean, drank fine wines, ate like kings (thanks Baz) and had fun jamming, star watching and just basically enjoyed some time out (sorry Haydn).

From there it was on to Adelaide’s Thebarton Theatre, for another rockin’ show. Then it was Melbourne’s turn where they played two shows at the world famous Forum. Both nights the crowd were treated to two hours of pure magic from the boys. They love Melbourne and they let it show. We never slept that night, funny that. What can I say…the boys love to party.

It was then on to Sydney and the Enmore Theatre followed by a magical day on Cockatoo Island. Gomez played to 3000+ screaming fans in an old submarine hanger. They themselves said it was one of the best shows they have played. The hanger was a 100 metre long, very very high tin shed with a span not much wider than the stage itself. Standing on the stage looking out on thousands of smiling faces as they sang along to all their favourite Gomez tunes was incredible. But when Ian asked everyone to put their hands in the air so he could take a photo, well, it was a beautiful moment. A sea of waving hands from the front all the way to the end of the hanger.. I will never forget it…

Byron Bay was next, the East Coast Blues and Roots Festival. Another hot day began in the ocean (to kill the hangover for the previous night’s shenanigans) before hitting the stage and showing all that came before and after them how to do a festival gig. Another sea of music lovers were treated to everything from “Get myself arrested” to the Nick Drake classic “Black eyed dog” where Ben makes all the ladies melt and the guys wish that if the could sing, it would be like him. After finishing off with “Whippin Picadilly”, it was back to the ocean to cool down as the sun set behind the mountains…. Oh, and more shenanigans…

Brisbane was the final show of the tour (my holiday.. Ha)…. Needless to say, they went out in fine style. As Tom said.. “Brisbane fans certainly scream the loudest”.jimmy_02

Then it was back home to Sydney for a few days rest on the beach before they continued on to do another tour in the USA. Of course there was not much rest, coz we (as usual) partied every night till they left…

Not a bad holiday eh?

Thanks to BT, Haydn, Baz, Bagger, Caro, Graham, Damien, John, Rob, Jerry, Dajon, Paul, Tom, Olly, Ben and Ian for a wonderful time.


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