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Ray Bans and Road side Cocktails in Vietnam by Todd Savvas

Written by Michelle Creamer, 8 years ago, 0 Comments

    I was always really interested in history when we started learning about the Vietnam war, as I grew older it was never ended up on the top of my to visit list, when it came up as a possibility with two of my friends I mulled over what to do, where to go, what to experience. It really got me intrigued, my profession is Spiritual teaching and healing, so naturally I was drawn to the vast experiences I could encounter in Vietnam. The people who live there have seen so much, the wars, extreme poverty, yet there are also the deep religious and Spiritual followers which can be seen throughout the diverse landscape.
    I was really touched by the stories of the Vietnam War and what horrific events had taken place, how could you not, hearing about these intense and full on things which had occurred half way around the world, to some large number of people many years before I started this life. Of course I was deeply affected by the atrocities, but it is always a question of how deeply one could be affected by a story, after all, does a story truly sum up something like war, pictures and words do not really do it justice.
    Ho Chi Minh City with its bustling population and extreme humidity was a perfect example of how the past still carries its toll on a place, even long after the war has gone. The Vietnamese make their tourist dollar by exploiting the war and how it affected them. Does it make it right or wrong, that is not on debate, but we all encourage it, and perhaps it is the only way they can make a positive out of the scars of the past they are left with.
    The Reunification palace is so beautifully maintained, which is kind of eerie considering what went on around it. You walk through looking at photos from the day of the evacuation, showing what it was like that day, then you realise you are in the exact same place as hundreds of people trying to escape death, it definitely hits you.
    The underground levels reveal how extensive and complex the building truly is, unfortunately you can’t get into much of the structure but you can see it goes on much farther than you can see. Many people have asked me if it was haunted, well when I was walking through the halls, especially underground I could hear many people running back and fro, echoes of the past. You can feel so much energy has been exchanged, and you don’t need to be a sensitive to feel that either.
    To be honest there were times I could sense some distain from the locals ‘More stupid tourists..’ was the vibe, but on the whole, it is like anywhere else, you get treated like you treat people. I always like to show people respect and love, and I get it back.
    If I have any advice to give to anyone travelling to Vietnam it would be to experience it all, the history, the extreme poverty, the knock offs at the market, the late night shopping, the random late night massages, and most of all – do it while having a roadside bought cocktail, you can’t beat USD$6 for a Long island Ice tea while surviving the extreme night time humidity!

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